A highly productive team.
United in purpose.
Engaged and creative.

These are the measures of leadership success for entrepreneurs and business titans alike. Don’t leave any to chance – when one is missing, your organization is broken. Achieve them all and watch possibility (and profitability!) climb.

Fast track the growth and impact of your organization. Trade frustration and doubt for relief and results. Replace lost time with fresh potential.

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For entrepreneurs, CEOs and business leaders

  • Boost performance & results
  • Move faster, get more done
  • Crystalize a powerful vision for your team
  • Grow leadership skills throughout your business
  • Clear away obstacles to team success
  • Open the door to more personal freedom

For progressive organizations

  • Get everyone on the same page
  • Turn your environment into a magnet for great talent
  • Overcome unproductive conflict
  • Build awesome careers together

Together we will…

  • Clarify your intentions and create a powerful vision for you and your organization

    Want to achieve a business goal? Improve a relationship? Create a great place to work? Realize a massive breakthrough? Before we can do any of these things, we first need to have a clear vision. The most successful entrepreneurs, business leaders and teams invest heavily in finding clarity. I will help you plow through procrastination, fear, and indecision to create a compelling future.

  • Crystalize a plan to turn your vision into your organization’s reality

    Your intentions are now clear. So how do you get from here to there and do it as fast as possible? The super successful create a solid plan, experiment, learn, iterate quickly and adjust accordingly. Together we will determine a path to reach your goal, strengthen your team, and take your organization to the next level.

  • Check-in regularly to make sure you and your team stay on track

    As individuals our enemies are distraction, fear, confusion, and doubt. For teams, add on miscommunication, misalignment, and inaccurate assumptions. Staying on track is tough. The super elite have figured out that an accountability partner is the key to success. We will connect regularly to make sure you are on track to achieve your desired future. Together we’ll tackle the hurdles that pop up along the way.


  • As a founder, there’s a lot that you don’t know. Brent was exceptional in creating structure and discipline to help convert our talent methodology from an art into a science. Over time, he became a close and trusted advisor who forced me to answer the tough but important questions that many avoid to address. I recommend Brent to any startup founder who is looking for clarity and a close confidant.

    Ray Cao, Founder and CEO, Exact Media
  • I am thrilled to be working with Brent. He has an exceptional ability to listen actively and provide a perspective that I’ve missed and one that captures, exactly, an insight that helps me move forward. I’d say it is an uncanny knack, but it is clearly a honed skill, perfectly suited to coach executives to better understand and provide effective leadership.

    Kelly MacKenzie, Executive Director, Silent Voice Canada
  • Brent is a professional and thoughtful coach. His coaching has allowed me to define my goals more clearly and take the steps necessary to achieve them. He understands the entrepreneurial mindset and motivators. Business is thriving!

    Gurminder Kandola, CTO Boost
  • I’ve been working with Brent for several years and see him as not only a coach but as a mentor and incredible sounding board. Even though we are in different parts of the country, I’ve had better results and a much closer, deeper relationship with Brent than any coach I’ve worked with in person. Brent is professional, perceptive, practical, and a real asset to my personal and business direction.

    Holly Bond, VP Sales, Bullfrog Power
  • Brent methodically challenged me to identify and define my goals and then worked with me to develop my strengths and attain my objectives. His confident and calm guidance led to quick results. I have made many referrals to Brent and they have all given me glowing feedback! In short, he knows his stuff.

    Petrus Engelbrecht, Sotheby’s International Realty
  • Working with Brent was a pleasure. He took the time to “get us”. We improved our company culture and gained valuable insights that are helping us grow as a team.

    Kim Davidson, Founder and CEO, Side Effects Software

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