My job is to see and unlock potential.

This is why I love working with entrepreneurs, business leaders, and their teams. I spend my days with super talented and creative people who are on a never ending quest of discovery. They are making an impact. Each of my clients is smart and has a thirst to learn more. They have drive, know the meaning of hard work, and get things done. Everyday they face difficult decisions and the challenges that come with growing an organization. And they know when they need a boost to get to the next level of performance.

Already experiencing great success? Feel like you are still finding your way? Completely stuck in the mud? I’m here to work with you and unlock potential.

My goal is to help my clients – people just like you – be the leaders they want to be.

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My name is Brent Lowe. I’m the trusted expert that leaders from around the world call.  The calls come when they need to add fuel to their personal performance and that of their teams.

I’ve spent over 20 years looking deep inside young, growing organizations.  I understand how entrepreneurs think.  As an expert in business and psychology, I use my skills to:

  • Create clarity around a future that is both inspiring and achievable.
  • Bridge the gap in perspectives that often develop between entrepreneurs and their teams.
  • Identify thoughts and beliefs that are slowing you and your team down.
  • Shed light on the mindsets behind highly effective organizations.
  • Build powerful habits that will breed success over and over again.
  • Guide you through the implementation of fundamental building blocks for personal and organizational success.

My Background.

I’m in the business of seeing potential in people and teams. I started early. At the age of 18, I saw untapped potential in four young and undiscovered vocalists. I worked with them to launch their music career. Six years later they were multiple award winners.  Their music was top of the national charts. They toured internationally. They also starred in a major motion picture. Along the way we launched a fully funded record label with one of the world’s largest music distributors. What a wild ride!

My next adventure began when I saw great promise in a talented marketing specialist. Working together over four years we grew an event marketing company to national prominence.  The company continues to serve some of the largest and most notable consumer brands in the world.

I went on to join the senior leadership teams of three early-stage and growing companies (Redknee, Achievers, Bullfrog Power). I helped those teams double revenues, integrate acquisitions, launch new businesses, and expand internationally.

My education includes a Bachelor in Engineering & Management; an MBA; an MA in Counseling Psychology; and a certificate in Small & Medium-Sized Enterprise Board Effectiveness.

I now use my experience in business psychology and team effectiveness to help people just like you.

My role.

Coach. Consultant. Advisor. Counselor. Wingman. Friend. My clients use a variety of labels for their relationship with me. Ultimately I am your trusted partner. I offer a confidential environment where you can speak openly and honestly. Our conversations offer a ‘mental sandbox’. You can try out ideas, experiment with new beliefs, and explore potential opportunities.

Along the way, I share insights, tips, tools, and resources. My goal is to help you grow your team, speed up your progress, and increase your impact.

It’s also important to let you know what I’m not. I am not a capital “P” Psychologist. Exploring deep personal issues rooted in your childhood is not likely needed. If it is, I will gladly refer you to someone who can help.

I am also not an outsourced HR leader or lawyer. I have significant experience in the processes, philosophies, and documentation commonly associated with HR.  I bring all this knowledge into every conversation. I can coach and advise you in these areas, and often have templates and resources to provide. If you need further help with implementation, I can refer you to an appropriate expert.

What others say.

“To be a trusted advisor of many people, at various levels, is a true testament to the strong connections Brent is able to quickly build within an organization. Brent approaches whatever he faces very thoughtfully, drawing upon his unique experiences and continuous studies to collaborate in such a way that he is both an effective business partner and compelling voice of the employee.”

– Holly Tiessen, VP Client Success, Achievers

“Brent excels at helping business leaders articulate clear strategies and then transform those strategies into operational plans that are cascaded throughout the organization.”

– Tom Heintzman, Founder, Bullfrog Power

“[Brent] excels identifying and developing leaders within the organization. He takes a “business-centric” approach, balancing employee needs with the needs of the business. He understands the key drivers for employee engagement and delivers practical solutions.”

– Jim Diotte, Senior Leader, Redknee Inc.

“[Brent] always deftly balances the needs of individuals and the employee group as a whole with the objectives and needs of the organization. I have worked closely with Brent, and have frequently relied on his guidance and support both professionally and personally.”

– Peter Bormann, Legal Counsel to entrepreneurial companies

Let’s get started!

Why not see the results for yourself? Together we will fast track the growth and impact of your organization.

Let’s schedule a free introductory phone or video call and test the fit.



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