Working Together

A highly productive team. United in purpose. Engaged and creative.

As a leader, this is what you aspire to. Maximum potential.

When one of these is missing, opportunity is lost. Days, weeks, months fly by. It’s time you can’t get back.

Build a team you are proud to lead.

Imagine having an expert on leadership and communication as your wingman. Someone with a deep understanding of your world. And of the wild ride that comes with leading a young and growing business.

If you haven’t crystalized a vision for the future, we will work together to form that vision. If you have a vision but haven’t figured out how to get you and your team there, we will build a plan together. And once you have a plan, we will work through the obstacles and distractions that come up along the way.

The best part? We can work from wherever you are – work, home, cottage, beach, or airport. Our time together will be focused and efficient.

Here’s how we can work together

You are unique and so are the obstacles that get in the way. Everything we do together is customized to your needs.


Building Blocks

Whether starting a team from scratch or fixing one that feels broken, we work through building blocks for effectiveness. We start with an assessment of where you and your organization are today. Based on the results, we decide what’s most critical to your success.  We’ll choose building blocks from a list of over 40: culture, strategy, clarity of purpose, communication, relationships, recruiting, rewards, team structure, role definitions, and more.

This program is best suited to an entrepreneur or senior business leader tasked with shaping an effective organization.

Fast Growth

As a young team grows, so does the need for management and leadership expertise. Most often top performers from within the team are promoted to fill these roles.  Another alternative is to hire a seasoned professional with limited entrepreneurial experience. This program is all about fast growth into a new role or new environment. Refresh your thinking. Test old habits. Be the superstar leader or manager you aspire to be.

If you are moving into a new leadership or management role or a new environment, this program is for you.

E to C (Entrepreneur to CEO)

Many of my clients have started their businesses from scratch as true entrepreneurs. When their businesses take off, they need to shift from an entrepreneurial mindset.  They need to become a strong leader of people – and they need to do it fast. If you find yourself at the same point, let’s chat. It’s lonely at the top. This program is about growing your skills as a strong and confident leader.

Together we will work through the seven biggest mental shifts that entrepreneurs experience on their way to becoming a true CEO.


If it’s time for a career or life pivot, read on! This program builds on your strengths as you transition into new experiences. Life change can take many forms. Changing companies, choosing a new career path, or becoming a first-time entrepreneur are just a few examples. Our time together will focus on crystalizing a vision for your future. We’ll create a plan to get you there. And we’ll set you up with new habits to keep you on track.

If you are contemplating a life pivot—from minor shift to major transformation—this is the best program for you. Click here for more information about the Pivot Program.


Do you feel like you could use a bit of everything and don’t want to be constrained in how we use our time together? Freestyle will be the best fit. You have access to all the tools and resources from the programs above and you call the shots. In each session we will cover the material you want to cover. Bring your most challenging problem and we’ll work through it together.



When working in groups our biggest enemies to speed are miscommunication, misalignment, and inaccurate assumptions. Often we can solve these issues on our own. Sometimes we need help to break through difficult roadblocks. Group coaching and team facilitation are highly effective ways to quickly get everyone on the same page.  Align in a matter of hours so you don’t waste weeks or months of energy.

These sessions are custom designed for each group.  This option is best for managing difficult conversations, changing the direction of a team, or getting a large group of people aligned quickly.


High Performing team assessment & development program

Magic happens when a team rallies behind a common purpose and has a sense of connectedness. Each person contributes their strengths. They share accountability for results. Peers challenge each other in an environment of trust. Creativity abounds. Results climb.

Whether your team is floundering or just needs reinvigorated, we’ll takes a deep dive into how your group functions. The program starts with an in depth team assessment. You receive a clear set of recommendations to boost team performance.

This program is best suited to leadership teams, boards of directors, and other high impact teams.

Let’s connect and explore how I can best help you and your organization.


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